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Full Moons are immensely dual as they occur when the Sun and Moon are in perfect or exact opposition to one another.  The building of the waxing Moon to the exact moment of her fullness stimulates the emotional centers of the mind inspiring the tides to surge.  We experience the external and internal peaks of mood and feeling-based energies during full and new Moons respectively.
Our November Full Moon is aligned with the star sign named Bharani, the birth star of Rahu (north node of the Moon), symbolized by the womb or uterus.  Bharani is said to be the abode of Yama Raj, the lord of the underworld, death and rebirth and Dharma (the right path).  Bharani possesses a Shakti called Apabharani, or the power to ‘cleanse again’.  This Shakti links this star sign with a woman’s monthly Moon cycle as well as a human beings journey, the great cycle of life.  
The sign directly opposite is called Swati, the birth star of Saturn, symbolized by a swaying blade of grass or fledgling tree.  Swati is said to be the abode of Vayu, the god of the wind and breath.  Whereas Bharani is saturated in the power to take life away from the body and grant rebirth into a new womb (a new life), Swati is said to gift longevity as well as Pradhvamsa Shakti, which refers to this star signs immense force to disperse or divide, scattering the seeds of new life.  
This is also a reflection of the divisions of time.  If we see time as one connection thread, the divisions within that connection give the illusion of separation. Bharani and Swati deal with this apparent transformation of the one, unified substance that we refer to as “time.”  An alternate meaning of Bharani refers to ‘dependency' whereas Swati is sometimes symbolized by a sword and can also be translated as ‘independent’.   They are always dancing with each other to define the complete experience of the cycle of life within a body.  
In a simple way, we could see these two stars are the inward and outward breath.  Both are necessary to sustain life.  As old life is exhaled, new life is inhaled and this is the divine reflection of the all pervading nature of existence to evolve and transform.  Every single thing in this world changes. 
With the exhale of that which is no longer needed, we draw inside the breath of life to empower that which is new.  The living seed is given the womb of rich soil to grow and the breath of life to help it flourish.  This is a reminder that with every closure, there is an opening. 
Energy flows in a continuous cycle, evolving without end.  The chemical reaction that sustains life must flow like a river to maintain the cycle’s health. 
With this Moon, we are being called to embrace our relationship with the moment, to the breath, to our inhale and exhale.  It is up to us whether we shine the flash light of our awareness on the moment.  Every moment is full of life.  Every moment is fertile with potential.  The Earth is our witness.  She is in an eternal dance with the cycles of time, renewing herself which each new kiss of transformation.  She reinvents herself without resistance.  All we have to do is observe Goddess Earth for one day and we will see many traits of adaptability.  She is never stagnate, even in areas that temporarily appear to be.   As humans, we are modeled after our Goddess Earth in many ways, but we typically subject ourselves to a much smaller, more narrow view of life.  We often resist what she provides in the moment.  Every particle of her energetic body is vibrating with the potential for transformation.  Transformation is the continuation of life, never the end.  
This Moon comes with the reminder to open up and breath in the adaptability of the Earth.  Open more.  Call forward your adventurous side and embrace the truth of life that reinvents itself.  We have every day life to maintain.  Yet, the bigger picture of evolution, inside and out, continues operating in secret without our awareness.  When we are living in a narrow space, we feel cramped and agitated.  Growth may be thwarted when we have denied transformation her rightful place.  It is equivalent to asking the food we eat to reverse it’s chemical process and resist digestion.
My prayer for all of us during this beautiful, living Full Moon, is for awakened awareness of the atomic power of love within every moment to be felt.  May we allow it to embrace us.  May we allow the moment to reinvigorate us and breathe life into stagnate channels.  May we adapt in joy.  May loneliness be replaced with inner fullness. May anxiety be dissolved in the awareness that no matter what, life will always sustain us. May that sustaining love embrace us all in the most intimate way.  
With Deepest Gratitude, 
- Eve -

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