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A Gentle Reminder….

Our unique Moon cycle this month calls for reverence.  I feel moved to bow before all of you and the fire of truth within you that recognizes it’s own reflection in the hearts of others.  I want to acknowledge you in the glory and fearlessness of your heart, even if you cannot see it in yourself, I assure you someone else does.  I am reminded of the greatness of the human condition to evolve and renew itself continuously.  The power to burn and transform, to take new shape is prevalent in all life.  We are continuously creating, even out of the ashes of destruction.

A Voice From the Past; Traversing Oceans of Time

We have a powerful New Moon this month, bringing to my mind’s eye the story of a very special Rajput woman (a royal lineage of Northern India), we now know as Meera or sometimes Sant Mirabai.  Sant Mirabai became a mystic poet with no concern for anything but the intense longing to unite with the great mystery.  However, she was born in a time when every area of life was governed by strict social codes, specifically for ladies of the royal court.  But she was drawn to those paths which attempt to reveal the sacred wine of the inner life.  She was a primal force of embodied love, fearless, obeying only the song of the flute that shattered the silence of her heart.  

Poison Into Honey; Miracle of Faith in One’s Chosen Path  

Her husband’s family put her through severe trials because of her independence from their traditions. Sant Mirabai’s faith in her path was obscene in their eyes.  Her authenticity completely threatening to their way of life.  She was a matter of great humiliation for them.  Eventually she was sentenced to drink poison, though the poison turned to honey on her lips.  Every attempt to hurt her was averted and she continued to walk freely in life by the grace of the mystic fire.  She eventually renounced all privileges of the royal life, shaved her head and went to Sri Krishna’s home on foot, who was the chosen Beloved of her heart, her real marriage.  

Here Comes the Rain; The Instrument

Through the path of restless love for the one behind the veil, she gained all knowledge, without reading or schooling.  She dissolved her ego in the rain of mystic wine, and the hidden intelligence of the universe naturally began to flow through her pure awareness.  She became a vessel, a container of that which cannot be explained.  Real Knowledge is to be united with, not understood.  That which is of unfathomable depth cannot be contained by the intellect.  To know, we must become.  Only the heart can carry the water of the Soul.  Sant Mirabai’s songs are sung throughout India and many places of the world even today.  

She had requested the thorns from her Beloved instead of the petals of the rose.  These thorns immortalized her because they removed all that was obstructive in the path. The scent of her blood became the perfume for many after her.  When a scented piece of wood is burning in a fire, those within the vicinity enjoy the fragrance.  The fragrance however, comes from the slow burn of the wood and it’s transformation into ash.  When the limited ego-self is burning in the fire of awareness, a deeper love releases it’s fragrance and many moths are attracted to the light.  This is the glow we see around some Yogis, Yoginis, Sadhus, Walis, Pirs, Saints, true Shamans or Sages.  Even in this overly superficial, material era, there are always those who are walking the path of the flame and bathing in the hidden rain of mystic wine.  

Sacred Center of the Most-Concealed

On this Scorpio New Moon in Vishaka, I wanted to bow to all of you again and the great knowledge you contain even if you are unaware of it.  That awareness that is most clear and all pervading can never be studied, written or read. All of you who are seeking your own unique path, I wish to empower and encourage you to begin something new, intimate and personal on this New Moon.  What are those parts of societal structure that put out the fire of your heart?  This Moon asks us what we are doing to nourish our inner self, away from the camera, without documentation and without care for what others think.  The rawness of life is not always camera-willing.  Scorpio is said to be the sign most associated with Ketu, the South Node of the Moon in Vedic Astrology.  Ketu is the force that draws us within and fortifies our true sense of self.  When we are struggling in confusion, it is often because we have been moved away from the center of our strength, the center of our wheel.  If we are out too far on one side, the whole ship becomes imbalanced.  The strongest position is always in the center and the center has an internal element to it. It is not the most visible.  The center is often most concealed.  

A Crying Silence

My prayer for all of us during this internalizing New Moon, is that we all learn the difference between medicinal and poisonous silence. May we all take a moment of silence to listen to our most subtle inner-voice.

What has been silenced that needs a voice and what is speaking that needs to be silent?  

May we value the internal silence as medicine. May we strike the silence with the lightening voice of our authentic heart and allow that medicine to become activated, penetrating the sleeping areas of our life.  May our truth find a voice and may that voice be perfect, whole and complete, as all life is perfect, whole and complete.  

With Deepest Gratitude,

~ Eve ~

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