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Our Full Moon will align with the bright star we refer to as Betelgeuse on New Year’s day.  In India, this star sign is called Ardra and it is associated with Rudra, the howling god of all things wild.  He grants permission to rebel, scream, cry and mourn but he is also the inventor of the seven sacred notes of music. Though he is generally depicted as destructive, he shows the path to the next star, Punarvasuthe star of renewal, who takes all things old and restores them to new.  Betelgeuse is known as one of the elder stars, standing strong in it’s independence.  Ardra is also called the sign of the storm and it’s signature activity is to stir us from the inside out, creating needed movement and vocalization.   

Dream Voice Rising

Pay close attention to dreams and insights that occurred in December and that happen up to the month of February 2018.  As Ardra is an extremely vocal sign, this star seems to give life to the secret language of life around us. It is said than Ardra people can speak to animals or speak to the living beings without a human voice.  The language of dreams is forgotten for most of us as well. With the loss of our natural roots to the past, we have lost connection to those ways of speaking that are not linear.  

A Rite of Passage 

This year will most likely begin for many of us with an intimate rite of passage.  Ardra was also celebrated by the Egyptians and many ancient civilizations as a star connected with death and rebirth.  Ardra is one of few star signs that consists of a single large star, expressing its independent, bold nature.  The initiation of this New Year will be individualized and specific.  It will bring doorways that we must enter alone.  Even if we are entering into a deeper partnership with another, we will find that much of the entry into the union will call on us to rise as an individual in a new or reformed way.  

The Prophetic Awakening 

This New Year comes to us with many omens.  Some of these omens are personal and others are collective. A strong emphasis on Ardra can represent justified anger or rebellion for the greater good.  It can show great upheaval through exposing the shadows and changes in policy.  It can reveal advancement in technology (or the opposite, including technological security breaches).  Because Ardra is linked with the north node of the Moon, it tends to push humanity towards destiny by uprooting the foundation of the past.  This can feel uncomfortable.  Whatever security existed previously is asked to transform and move to next stage of evolution.  This process can be painful but it can be exciting too if we are perceiving it from the correct view point. 

My prayer for us all during this time is for the gift of true understanding and crystal clear perception.  May we see through the storm and may we comprehend the secret languages of the life around us and within us.  May all of you with gifts come forward.  This New Year is a year for sharing, for speaking, for calling in the evolution for the good of all.  May all of your gifts and skills increase and may all of your voices become potent with creative power. May we all find shelter in the storm and find renewal inside and out.  

With Deepest Gratitude, 

~ Eve ~

Eve became a serious student of Astrology at a young age.  In 1994, she met her first Astrology teacher, who taught her how to construct charts by hand and led her to the feet of Jyotish Shastra, or more commonly known as Vedic Astrology.  Eve spent 10 years in India studying Vedic Astrology as well the sacred art of Mantra as well as Ayurveda, and under the request of her teacher began offering readings in 2010.


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