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Welcome to the Wonderful World of ZenBunni!
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We Support Biodynamic® and Regenerative Agriculture on our Quest to “Nurture Nature and Nurture You.”
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Meet Our Little Family
Meet Our Family | ZenBunni
This is us! Papa Zen, Mama Bunni, and our Baby Alchemy (though not such a “Baby” anymore). We’ve come to live in the Magical Santa Monica Mountains after many years in big cities, now creating a life of nourishment and a closer relationship with Mother Nature.

We have handcrafted our home sustainably from eco friendly, reclaimed and natural materials. As a family, we strive to find balance and connection, inspiring consciousness to love the Earth and Yourself through the story of our family and our brand, ZenBunni.
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We practice Conscious Commerce
In partnership with our Customers, as a Family, and as a Business.
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We are committed to the highest standards in regenerative and sustainable practice in everything we do. From our planet healing plant-based packaging to the way we rigorously screen our ingredients, we consider our coffee and other magical creations to be vehicles for self care, education, symbiotic awareness, and community. We will never compromise.
As a family and as a business, we believe that the conscious use of currency can create great change. Through education, awareness, and action, you begin to play a pivotal role in shifting the landscape and regenerating our Earth. Please join ZenBunni and other conscious companies on this quest.
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Regenerative Agriculture | ZenBunni
As Stewards of Mother Nature, we support Regenerative Farming
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Far surpassing Organic practices, Regenerative & Biodynamic® farming not only yields healthier plants for us to eat, but actually heals our Earth!

By restoring soil fertility, enhancing biodiversity, and sequestering carbon, Regenerative Agriculture is the single most effective course in supporting drought resilience and literally reversing Climate Change!

We’re Nurturing Nature and Nurturing You!
Gold Stars | Regenerative Farming | ZenBunni
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