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Inner Meaning of Capricorn 

We have a special New Moon this month as according to the Hindu calendar we also just observed Makar Sanskranti, a celebration of the Sun’s journey from the Southernmost point or Dakshinayana, to the Northernmost point, Uttarayana.  Makar refers to a crocodile, the symbol for the Hindu sign of Capricorn.  It is in this potent sign that our Sun marks the ascent from the lowest to the highest point. 

There is often a living language behind symbolism.  The sign of Capricorn is shown as a “goat-fish” in Western mysticism and a crocodile in Eastern.  Both creatures have the ability to move freely on land and water.  This is a statement that the sign of Capricorn possesses the unique ability to traverse matter and spirit, the material and the invisible.  The crocodile is an ancient being, living through many ages. A witness to the fall and rise of civilizations.  Many cultures held the crocodile as sacred including the Egyptians.  They are a sign of antiquated yet relevant wisdom, the ancient-self.  They are also honored for longevity and a symbol of the cycles or rhythm of the ages of the Earth.  

Capricorn is seen as the feminine side of Saturn in Vedic or Hindu astrology.  Saturn is the indicator of servitude to the masses, accountability, responsibility, maturity, rhythm (metered timing and measurements), secret traditional knowledge, wisdom gained through silence and is infinitely abundant as it is the pinnacle of Earth.  

A New Year To Invite Jupiter and Mars as Guides   

You can also see a lot about a Zodiac sign by which Planets thrive in them. The logical, determined and precise Mars is said to be in his exaltation in the sign of Capricorn.  Mars is often referred to as Bhumi Putra or Bhauma in Sanskrit, the son of the Earth Goddess.  Capricorn being a sign of calm collected emotions, intelligent calculated actions and cool fertile Earth, gives proper direction to the impulsive and penetrating nature of Mars.  Mars is all action, no talk.  Mars is the executor of one’s person ethics.  Capricorn provides Mars with a cool-headed approach to the application of energy.  

Jupiter, on the other hand, is said to find debilitation in Capricorn.  Jupiter defines the personal ethics by developing our individual philosophy, but is not the executor or the applier of the ethical code.  Jupiter is the idealist.  It is interesting to note that according to the classics, Jupiter finds highest expression in the emotional watery sign of Cancer.  The sign of the Mother; the sign of pure spirit, compassion and the seat of Priesthood.  This tells us that the forging of the moral code should take place in the intimate heart-chamber of the compassionate Mother, in innocence.  The Divine Mother’s cup overflows with the feelings and longings of all, she is the movement of the Ocean of consciousness as well as the guardian of innocence and faith.  She is the miracle worker.   She is called Adishakti in Sanskrit, the Primal One. She is the one Christian Mystics call “Holy Spirit”.   This is where Jupiter thrives.  We should see the sign of Cancer this way.  The capacity for great and miraculous works of Spirit.

Yet, Jupiter is said to do poorly in Capricorn because the realm of Karma requires the involvement of the Earth element.  When our philosophy is mature and no longer a theory it evolves to a living Truth that affects the material world around us.  It becomes dynamic and no longer belongs to us as an individual.  The Mother of Water (Spirit) then releases us to the Mother of Matter (the relative world) so that her child can truly move mountains. Blind Faith evolves to True Sight.  Without materialization there is no work, no force and no effect.  This activity is executed through Mars, and Capricorn is the field from where these seeds grow.  Mars in highest expression grants the ability to live in Truth, i.e., to execute the knowledge gained from Jupiter.  

Jupiter within us sees the Beloved but it is Mars within us perils the Journey to embrace her. 

Capricorn is therefore an important sign and we can also observe this through the astrology chart when we understand the layout.  The position of Capricorn is the Noon point. The point when the Sun is highest in the sky.  It is the Zenith. It is also connected to Abhijit Muhurta, one of the most auspicious times of the day.   

Philosophy must be put to the test.  It is useless without the life force of sweat, blood and tears behind it.  If we are playing with words, our understanding is still shallow and we need to go deeper.  We can observe society’s minimal understanding of the need to live what we speak when you read many definitions of Capricorn online.  Or simply watch what we call ‘News’.   The failure to understand deeper significance is our own societal blindfold.  We’ve lost what is truly valuable.  What is value really? Each one of us must ask ourselves this question.  

Action calls for accountability and maturity.  It also requires courage and surrender.  A seasoned warrior understands that the minute they enter the battlefield, surrender is required.  There is a saying common in the East, “Do your best and leave the rest to God” and “Trust in God but tie up your donkey”.  These sayings indicate a marriage surrender and practicality. 

Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra; The Invincible One 

Our Moon is aligned with the star Uttara Ashadha or the invincible star.  This star is noted for it’s discernment and intelligence but also it’s ability to achieve whatever is needed.  It is a star excellent for new beginnings, for calling in the proper understanding of a situation and for clarity. It is also a star noted for the victory of a mission.  It is considered fortunate to begin anything new on an Uttara Ashadha new moon.  

My prayer for us all during this bright and potent New Moon, is that we find ourselves saturated with the newness of being.  May we all surrender the past and be born to the present.  May we release the illusion of control and embrace the wisdom of illumined action.  May our truth become a living one and may that which is in Spirit be birthed into the Material for the highest good of all living beings.  

In Perfect Love, 

~ Eve ~

Eve became a serious student of Astrology at a young age.  In 1994, she met her first Astrology teacher, who taught her how to construct charts by hand and led her to the feet of Jyotish Shastra, or more commonly known as Vedic Astrology.  Eve spent 10 years in India studying Vedic Astrology as well the sacred art of Mantra as well as Ayurveda, and under the request of her teacher began offering readings in 2010.

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