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In the Beginning there was the Word and the Word was Perfect 

Music is in the air. The tune is surging with healing passion.  A song so perfect, you can see it’s radiance.  Our Moon is aligned with the sacred star of growth, creativity and the original fertility of imagination.  Our Moon will be full and complete in a dreaming-mood;  swelling with sweet emotions that inspire beginnings.  We call this Star, Rohini, the blushing bride or the red one.   The power of creation is typified here, the ever-increasing exhale of the Creator carries the ancient song of primal existence.  It is difficult to capture the absolute beauty of the star sign Rohini.  One kiss from this Star echoes of muses and forgotten loves throughout the ages. 

Intelligent Innocence; Remember, Remember, Remember  

At the beginning of the journey, we are often full of inspiration.  We should always remember the start of the journey, just as the innocent couple remembers their first intimate embrace.  Rohini reminds us to keep the precious light of inspiration and hope protected from the muck of the outside world and the stain of time.  Rohini captures this fragrance in a bottle, the garden of Eden, so to speak. It remains potent, blooming within itself, growing and expanding.  We often underestimate the infallible power of innocence and it’s wonders.  From this wonder, discovery, invention and brilliance take birth.  Once we have been on the journey for a while, there is a tendency towards disappointment or exhaustion.  Allow the beauty of this Full Moon in Rohini to reignite the original inspiration of the goal in front of you.  Rohini asks you to wash your oil lamp and fill it with newly scented oil. 

The Tavern of Life 

Creativity itself is life force.  It is the ability to move forward, the freshness, the undiluted energy of the Spirit. Enter the tavern of Spirit and have a full glass of wine.  Wash off the influence from the outside world, it’s illness and opinions. Leave your shoes at the door and let the dust of ages fall from your body.  What did you come here for?  Why did the creator breathe you into the world of the created? This is a Moon of purpose.  Behold the dream of life.  Behold your gifts, your place and your fortune.  

My prayer for us all on this radiant Moon, is for the potency of our emotional energy to be affective.  May it not be wasted on the frivolous.  May the lotus of pure feeling bloom within us all and be actively engaged.  May the force of life within give birth to the beautiful dreams of Spirit that have remained under-developed.  May the construct of our creative energies build an unbreakable bridge of connection. May that original flame be reignited and may it grow without bounds.  May it’s roots reach deep and it’s foundation be unshakeable.

With Deepest Gratitude, 

~ Eve ~

Eve became a serious student of Astrology at a young age.  In 1994, she met her first Astrology teacher, who taught her how to construct charts by hand and led her to the feet of Jyotish Shastra, or more commonly known as Vedic Astrology.  Eve spent 10 years in India studying Vedic Astrology as well the sacred art of Mantra as well as Ayurveda, and under the request of her teacher began offering readings in 2010.

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