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Her Dual Nature Weighed Upon the Scales
Defined Awakening versus Blissful Ignorance
This time frame marks many significant holidays in India, including important celebrations of Shakti, or the divine feminine principle.  She is called Adya, or the Original. She is invoked and honored in all forms; from the most benevolent to the most terrible.  She is at once residing on the Lotus in the prime of her beauty and fertility while the next day she is depicted standing on a corpse, disheveled and gruesome.  All of her expressions are adored equally.  Her desirable attributes are offered flowers as well as her repulsive character traits.  She is not rejected in any form.  On the contrary, she is worshipped in every single manifestation.  By doing this, we are adjusting our awareness and comprehension. We are allowing ourselves to digest the full dose of medicine instead of only picking out the sweet parts.  This is an intelligent strategy to the cosmic riddle of balance.  
That Which is Acknowledged Does not Need to Demand Attention
The Circle is Complete  
As we know, when someone is acknowledged they do not feel the need to get our attention so desperately.  If the fullness of life, the whole, is respected, the circle is complete. Then the negative parts do not need to scream for our attention.  If we understand that the goddess of misfortune requires as much love as the goddess of fortune, she would feel recognized and satisfied.  We often shun that which embodies something we disagree with or are afraid of.  This may be protective in some instances but the rhythm of the cosmic law points towards an important fact:  Consciousness tends towards seeking fullness. Consciousness does not like to lack in any dimension.  We seek to shunsomething we don't like.  But the more we look away, the more that same thing finds it’s way to us.  Why?  Because we can never fragment that which is whole.  Yin and Yang, Night and Day and all contrasts are in deep conversation. We cannot change this law.  Consciousness is whole.  The appetite of Consciousness is not limited to sweet experiences.  Perceived divisions are only constructs of the mind, but like any form created, change is inevitable.     
Breath of Life
The clay was shaped into a form and the breath of life flowed into it.  The form experiences itself as separate than other forms at the moment it experiences life, but the same breath of life animates every animate being.  This separateness is therefore an illusion. We are animated with the unifying life force that weaves herself through the entire universe.
Moon Calling to the Underworld
We are being asked to see.  We are being asked to love.  We are being asked to define without dividing.  She is calling us to rescue her from the Underworld.  How can we arrive as the hero of our story when we refuse to see the one who is imprisoned?  Then there is no one to set free and the story ends.  In other words, contrasts are necessary and to be celebrated.
My prayer for us all during this New Moon is that we are able to be embodied. The Spirit is sacred, but so is Earth (the material). May we not be fragmented.  May we be whole.  May we occupy every cell of our body and may every moment of our time be complete.  May the fullness of understanding kiss our foreheads.  May the grand design of our singular life’s purpose come forward and may the map be clear as crystal.  


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