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Dispelling the Blue Moon Myth

Our full moon will be powerful this month.  Eclipses are like the blinking of the eye of the Cosmic Being.  It is a moment that the eye is covered and then sees again, freshly.  Though it begins with darkness, this darkness only makes way for an even brighter, intense light. We become the recipient of an opportunity to clarify and internalize.   

I would like to turn this clarifying light to one of the seemingly mundane details of this moon, as this relates to the many ways we give ourselves permission to be deceived, to be eclipsed.  We need to examine how what we think we know, what beliefs we have purchased, may not be true at all.  Often times the commonplace subtlety points to the remarkable.  

The fact that many of us are discussing the potency of a “Blue Moon”, I must attempt to dispel the belief in the significance of this.  It is simply due to the inaccuracy of our modern calendar that we experience this. It is an entirely man-made phenomena but you will see it drummed up as otherwise. One may simply research the origin of our current calendar to understand.  Actually, no research is needed only observation of the sky for a few months.  You will experience how perfectly the clock of the sky operates without the help of humans.  How long will we depend on other people or assumed experts to define our truth?  This applies to the mundane as well as the profound.  The laws of nature are simple and functional but we’ve lost awareness of this.   Our Moon does not need a human to delineate her timing.  We have the privilege to observe her but to control her and redefine her cycle is the folly of mankind.  She marks a true lunar month by her cycle from new to full.  This is an unchangeable fact.  One new moon and one full moon complete a monthly cycle.  The term “month” is in reference to the lunar cycle.  This simply reveals how far removed from the natural world we have become that we believe otherwise. 

The key to understanding large cosmic cycles of time remains in the measurement of the smaller units such as the hour, day, week, month, season and year.   This is the organic and unbreakable rhythm of the system we are a part of. 

A Drop in the Ocean

Each individual is a drop in the infinite ocean of life.  For the drop to attempt to control the ocean is a fools mission.  It will inevitably lead to restless unhappiness because it is unnatural. The mind becomes unstable and unable to manifest the peace it is looking for through the attempted control.  If the drop recognizes its place in the ocean and observes its true condition, it leads to true humility and this humility gives peace of mind.  

The Dragons Head 

The ancient traditions of India acknowledge many significant shadow points in astronomy.  There are the nodes of the Moon herself, which we call Rahu and Ketu who are most important.  There are also upagrahas or “shadowy planets” who correlate with each of the five inner planets.   It is incredibly common in each persons horoscope to have one of these shadowy planets eclipsing one of the five planets or the luminaries.  These places in the horoscope are somewhat eclipsed, i.e., the Cosmic eye is closing and leaves us temporarily blind.  

Lunar, Solar and Planetary Eyes

In Vedic thought, we see the Sun, Moon and Stars as ‘eyes’.  They are called the eyes of Vishnu, or the All-Pervading Consciousness.  Astrology is termed as the “Eye of the Vedas” or the “Eyes of Knowledge”.  The planets and luminaries are also referred to as a manifestation of Vishnu.  They are given a position of great importance.  When one of them is covered in shadow, the result is a challenge to external sight but a opportunity for inner awareness.  

The zodiac sign (Rashi) and star sign (Nakshatra) reveal the crop of karma to be witnessed.  

This particular eclipse is aligned with the tropical sign of Leo, the sidereal sign of Cancer and the star sign of Ashleshathe abode of mystical serpents.  

The Gift of True Sight 

The breath of life moves upon the blue waters of spirit, animating the ocean of living things.  The entwining serpents mesmerize each other with beautiful intoxicating poisons, oblivious to the eagles sharp eye above.  The eagle, absorbed in the glory of her hunt and the arrogance of her sober skill fails to see the friend of night, the silent owl who has discovered her vulnerable nest.  The weaving ego will not stop its craft without stepping outside of inclination.  It spins its web in all directions and the human being remains in a jungle of consequences. 

The glowing idealism of good and the jaded face of bad are both blinded by predisposition.  What are we shutting out?  If you become the mighty eagle, you are veiled by your own precision.  How judgmental is the face of good and how empty is the face of bad?  What deal are we making?  Whether we are drunk, hypnotized by our wanting or steady in skill, grasped by our efficiency, we are all in the same boat.  For a single drop of honey, one may sell their soul without having known it.  The consequences of seeking that which cannot unlock the riddle of life visits us in our final moments.

The gift of this eclipse is to see into secret places if we are willing.  Do not ignore that which is surfacing as it may be the key the protecting your nest.  Do not remain entangled or too focused.  It is our time to see without fear and redefine the quality of our love so that it is not narrow or selfish.  The ultimate result of subtle self absorption leaves us vulnerable in the night.  Strengthen the heart.  Be clear with your alliances.  

My prayer for all of us during this full moon is that we allow ourselves to see the vast territory within.  May our vision not be limited to the fulfillment of the external and may we not be naive to the expanse of the internal world and its gravity.  May we all find our way out of the jungle of consequence.  May we discover sacred flow, the deeper intelligence of the cosmos without the need to control her.  May we see that which we have not seen and refine the subtitles of our life in accordance with our Truth. May that divine emotion saturate our hearts, dissolve our pettiness and guide the light of our awareness.    

With Deepest Gratitude, 

~ Eve ~

Eve became a serious student of Astrology at a young age.  In 1994, she met her first Astrology teacher, who taught her how to construct charts by hand and led her to the feet of Jyotish Shastra, or more commonly known as Vedic Astrology.  Eve spent 10 years in India studying Vedic Astrology as well the sacred art of Mantra as well as Ayurveda, and under the request of her teacher began offering readings in 2010.

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