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ZenBunni Astrologic February New Moon

Our new moon aligns with the star sign Dhanishta this February, joining vocal Mercury by close degree.  Dhanishta is the sign of the heart beat or the pulse.  It is a sign of measurement, meter, modulation and sequence.  The symbol is a drum and the key words relate to rhythm, steadiness, consistency, continuity and efficiency.  The heart is powerful and hardworking, steady in its repetition.  These are the qualities of the star sign Dhanishta.  

We often see the heart as an emotional center, which it most definitely is.  Statistical studies have revealed this to an alarming degree.  However, the heart is also a most perfect physical mechanism.  The sound of the heart beat itself is produced from the rhythmic opening and closing of the valves.  Please note that the key here is that life functions from not only opening, but also closing, in a sustained rise and fall.  This unique tonal-instrument, this thumping, pulsating intelligent piece of our bodies is both sentimental and completely removed from sentiment at one and the same time.  This internal pump, relies on constant beats in succession.  The closing is every bit as important as the opening for the survival of our bodies.  

As the moon shines with the light of intimacy, privacy and inwardness, Mercury emits rays that inspire us to communicate, arrange, categorize, classify, correlate and eventually systemize.  Because of the inward force of the moon and the externalizing energy of Mercury, this is an unblemished interval to see, hear and convey the needs of our heart.  It is also a perfect time to synchronize our core, hidden or personal needs with the tedious reality of the peripheral, depersonalized outer world.  What do we let in and what do we keep out?  What do we sustain and what do we release? 

Though the sign Dhanishta is linked with the pulse and life force of the heart, it is also a sign that is connected with ruthless pragmatism, tireless work, stubborn adherence to vows and utilitarianism.  We can see these qualities in the physical heart if we understand its job.  Dhanishta natives (those born under the star of Dhanishta) often get labeled as aloof, detached, cold, straight-forward, overly practical, given to perfectionism and unconcerned.  This however is not the case.  They are extremely selective about what and who they let into their life.  There is a deep emotional dependence that the heart has as well and it may be the organ foremost affected by lack of inner fulfillment and disappointment.  People with Dhanishta in their horoscope know this.  They fear potential emptiness and often find themselves facing the void.  Their pragmatism is often their self made strategy to address this problem and they commonly throw themselves heavily into work as a solution.  

It is well known that heart disease, heart attacks, broken heart syndrome and various other heart complications are commonly linked to deep emotional pain, loss, feelings of emptiness, shock and stress.  Heart Attacks peak during the holiday season for this reason mainly, not simply because of the rich food.  

We can choose to take the help of this moon to locate our sadness, our deep seated feelings of failure, loss, lack and broken heartedness.  Who or what has disappointed us and what life strategy have we adapted as a result. These damp spots can become stagnate and heavy, sinking into the shadows only to resurface when least expected.  We can also look to areas that we have lost rhythm and flow.  Under the sign of Dhanishta, we may also want to ask ourselves are we sacrificing too much, are we working too hard and are we resting?  Has there been a time in our lives that we gave away too much energy to something that did not replenish the storehouse of fulfillment.  What has taken away from us? 

The heart cannot afford to pledge its allegiance to that which supplies a faulty, irregular electrical pulse.  If the charge is too much, too little or unsteady, it is not only not worth it but a danger to the heart who relies on a steady, warm and constant current.  

My prayer for us all is that we find our genuine, most tangible life pulse.  May we honor this song with our whole heart, knowing fully well that true nourishment comes from the courage of self honesty.  May we not attempt to sustain that which should not be preserved.  May we have the strength and wisdom to open and close with the precision of the heart.  May the great spirit of Time bless us with foresight and good judgement.  

With Deepest Gratitude, 

~ Eve ~

Eve became a serious student of Astrology at a young age.  In 1994, she met her first Astrology teacher, who taught her how to construct charts by hand and led her to the feet of Jyotish Shastra, or more commonly known as Vedic Astrology.  Eve spent 10 years in India studying Vedic Astrology as well the sacred art of Mantra as well as Ayurveda, and under the request of her teacher began offering readings in 2010.

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