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The winds are blowing and the ocean is stirring. Sublime sensitivity moves the waves, an earthquake of emotion.  From the depths emerges Pushan, the compassionate guide, pulled by his chariot of goats.  Pushan was also called Kavi, which refers to a poet or poetry.  As Venus finds exaltation in Pushan’s star sign, Revati, it is not a surprise that poetic brilliance is seen here.  Legendary Bengali writer and philosopher, Rabindranath Tagore, is a good example of the sign Revati and the hidden influence of Venus that shines through.

Our Moon aligning with the star sign of Revati can offer rest, nourishment, guidance and protection after tragedy.  Pushan is the god of this lunar mansion and he is associated with gentle protection of domestic animals, rescuing those of us traveling dangerous crossroads and taking the forgotten into his fold.

It is said that if one is born in the sign of Revati, they may be saintly.  According to some traditions, Revati is the final sign, signifying the end of the path or the arrival at the goal.  As Venus has a special relationship to this sign, we should also contemplate Venus’s nature in Vedic Astrology.   Venus is considered one of the indicators of gnosis, along with Mercury and Jupiter.  Venus is said to be a great teacher, minister, diplomat, magician, occultist, Yogi and to be most broadminded.  Venus is mesmerizing with charm and elegance, and is the grantor of material and spiritual bliss.  

Likewise, many of these attributes can be applied to the star sign Revati.  


There is another Planet intimately linked with this star sign.  Saturn, the grim one, who is ever responsible and aged, was said to be born when the Moon was aligned with Revati.  This also gives a flavor of seriousness, delays and forced maturity to this sign.  There is an ancient story about a King whose son was chronically unhappy due to being born in this sign.  Even though Revati is over-all a star sign of rescue, relief and refined poetry, wherever there is poetry, tragedy is a likely companion.  Wherever there is joy, sorrow may immediately follow and vice versa.  Therefore, Venus and Saturn are considered close friends.  This romance can be observed throughout all life.  Just as joy and sorrow walk the path of life together offering contrast to one another, Venus and Saturn drink in the rays of each other’s company most naturally.  The Planet of Union (Venus) and the Planet of Separation (Saturn) both find a home in Revati.  One tells the stories of the heart and seeks the bliss union with life.  The other dwells in his seriousness, delighting in the the structural foundation that he lays one brick at a time.  


Another side note that is relevant in an obscure way, is an interesting story linked with the sign Revati.  It is stated in an ancient Ayurvedic medical text that Revati is the name of a tall disease-giving goddess who is only forgiving if one cares for cows and domestic animals.  It was customary to worship her in a barn with a white cow to ward off the illness she may give. The emphasis on compassion cannot be overlooked when seeking to understand the sign of Revati.  In this case, she is the protector of the animals and granting the gift of disease to those who mistreat them.  I say gift, as it is the disease that is the awakener and messenger of what needs to be corrected.  Without warnings, we would not be able to reflect or grow.  Revati is a sign that may give gentle or severe warnings until we grow into our true potential and become accountable for our role in life.  


Revati is the sign of the abstract prophet.  The meaning which comes forward from the timeless ocean of consciousness is often cryptic.  We may be calling out to be rescued but not willing to accept that our difficulty itself is often the solution.  Spiritual maturity requires great stamina and adjustment.  The invisible support we receive in silence is often more gratifying than the words of a therapist.  The sign of Revati asks us to take a leap of faith into the troubles that surround us and trust our own intuition.  This is not the Moon for delusions or excuses.  If we find ourselves making excuses or blaming, we may be missing the beauty and magic of the growth being offered to us.  From a higher view or upon second look, those troubles may be saving us from something else and sculpting us into a useful human being.  It is time for us to grow upward recognizing that if life was only full of sweetness, knowledge would not exist.  Knowledge requires contrast and friction.  And this friction gifts us with true maturity.  

Watch for omens this Full Moon cycle.  Pay attention to signs.  Notice that, often, the relief we are seeking is in our own hands (more than we like to admit).  Our partner, family or friend cannot rescue us.  A therapist or teacher cannot save us at the crossroads.  They may be instrumental in supporting us, but the determination to cross the ocean is solely on the individual.  We must liberate ourself.  The first step to liberation is understanding. That which was previously seen as bad luck may reintroduce itself as a blessing.  A wake up call or an unexpected guide.  This is the Moon sign to release, escape and find liberation from the reaction to the natural ups and downs of life.

My prayer for all of us during this beautiful Revati Moon cycle is that we are all able to drink in the sweetness of life even from that which is undesirable in our lives. May we all mature in the silent poetry of the heart, so that the thorn becomes just as valuable as the rose.  When the thorn lodges in our foot, the value of the softness of the petals is realized.  Without the thorn, the rose is taken for granted.  May we all see the infinite ways that life reveals growth and opportunity, and rise in the love around us even if it is not what we expect it to be.  May we be free of delusion and full of contentment with who we are and where life has placed us.


I hope we all appreciate the depth of this Moon by appreciating good poetry or literature; particularly those stories and writings that illumine the beauty of the human condition.  (Revati is also connected with art, music, film and story-telling.)  

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