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For those of you deeply feeling the force of this New Moon, I would like to hold a moment of compassionate clarity.  You are not alone and the road will become clear again.  Probably very soon.  I have decided to offer a shorter, more direct article on this specific Moon as the impact has been heightened for so many collectively.

This August / September arch has been unique as many Planetary combinations and forces shifted gears simultaneously.  We had Saturn stop his retrograde motion followed by Jupiter entering a new sign.  We also witnessed the Nodes of our Moon, Rahu and Ketu, switch signs.  Most of these transitions, along with Venus and Mercury, have highlighted and activated Gandanta points (collective Karmic knots) which can feel extremely heavy when impacting our personal life.  

As Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are all colossal personalities, many of us have directly felt their towering presence in our daily lives.  They tend to completely rearrange a room when they enter it and it may not be the design you were expecting.

This New Moon calls for stark conclusions; unions and separations.  That which should be unified will be wedded in the depths, but that which has no capacity to grow may be ripped apart.  Our Moon is asking us to finalize our contracts with whatever has been presented in the previous weeks. Big life decisions tend to take place under the influence of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.  Now that our New Moon has fallen in the star sign of Uttara Phalguni, the sign of beneficial partnerships and marriage, the mood of the moment will be to completely end anything that is not bearing fruit or commit deeper to that which is fertile with possibilities.  

Though I would usually encourage us all to patiently renegotiate our contract with the world around us during an Uttara Phalguni New Moon, my observation is that it is time to either bring to a close that which has not supported what we wish to birth, or commit deeper to those activities and people who inspire the garden of our Soul.   

There will be strong energies of union and separation. Some individuals will experience this deeply in the collective.  They may find themselves even taking on the suffering of others which at this moment may not be avoidable.  Others will find this in their personal life.  It will affect each person according to their personal horoscope.  Either way, the best attitude at this moment may be compassionate fearlessness and tolerant adaptability as you are being asked to move into a completely new space, possibly even beginning again.   

My prayer for all of us during this time is for clarity and strength.  May we all support each other recognizing the sacredness as well as the vulnerability of the human condition.  The truth of the human condition is that it may change at anytime.  Life is transformation itself, and we have mistaken her for something other than Life if we mislabel her as constant.  When we walk in the shadow of this delusion, we demand of Life what she cannot provide for us; a guarantee.  She cannot give us the contract of consistency as that is not within her grasp.  She can however, promise transformation and growth, which are abundant fruits in her field.  I pray that we may all have the courage to shift our perspective to a mode of Life that does not continually lead us into this struggle.  There is great beauty around us that is ever changing.  May we all bathe in the infinite freshness of what each new moment is offering.  May we all truly understand the vastness of the nurturing side of our sister transformation.

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