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Custom Box
Custom Box
Custom Box
Custom Box

Custom Box

A Microcosmic Chocolate “Choose Your Own Adventure”!
Always Organic 70% Dark Stone Ground
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We offer this box for you to do as you please! Get cozy in our “Shop” and make your own wonder: Choose any 9 bars from our collection to make your own Custom Box!  Paint your own rainbow, sunrise, starry night, or garden “in a box” with our collection of Microcosmic Chocolate Bars!

We also share a Quartz point in your box, a stone known as the "master healer" and the amplifier of all crystals, to super-charge the Love in your Chocolates.

Energetic Action
To Uplift, Savor, and Share
Plant Magic
  • Your constellation of any nine stoneground 70% Dark Microcosmic Chocolate Bars from our ZenBunni collection:
  • Strawberry Schizandra - Radiate
  • Shiva Rose - Enchant
  • Ginger Turmeric - Thrive
  • Vanilla Reishi -Comfort
  • Holy Basil Mint - Refresh
  • Lost Salt of Atlantis - Mineralize
  • Chaga Chai - Restore
  • Mystic Mocha - Clarity
  • Canyon Classic - Nourish
  • Moonjuice - Replenish
  • Organic Stone Ground Cacao
  • Cacao Butter
  • Biodynamic® South Indian Cane Jaggery
  • Always Organic
  • Embrace the World of Wonder
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